OVR en de toekomst Van chats augmented reality

Today, it was announced that OVR, a mobile app connected to the world of blockchain and NFT, is moving towards a new front-augmented reality chats.

In fact, the new app update, available for both iOS and Android, promises face-to-face chats-that is, the ability to chat and interact with friends within the app using avatars.

This is the first application to use such a feature, especially when we consider the crypto sector and the impact of OVR on the blockchain world.

Thus, OVR is moving towards a new inclusiveness and more avatar adaptations, with 10 new characters and ethnic groups that can be used in the app.

With this new app update, you’ll also get chat notifications with friends and avatars you’ve met in the OVR metaverse, and the option to share links to your country.

Before this update, there was no way to share a simple country URL to invite people into your meta universe. Now, each of the 1.6 trillion hexagons that OVR’s virtual world shares has its own connection to share. In any country, all kinds of events can be organized, from concerts to virtual NFT exhibitions and more.

It’s great news for the app, which recently collaborated with Chainlink and auctioned off more than 300,000 plots, including the Eiffel Tower, which sold for $ 100,000 a few months ago.

OVR also has its own token with the same name, which can be purchased directly by credit card on the company’s website.

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