Over 67,000 Mergers: Cashfusion Participants Combine Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin Cash

Some crypto users use privacy-focused digital assets like monero, while others still use scrambling protocols that mix unspent transaction outputs (UTXO) from currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. . Participants using the Bitcoin Cash network use applications such as Cashshuffle and Cashfusion. Since Cashfusion's launch in November 2019, 67,845 mergers or $ 5.9 billion worth of bitcoin cash combined. Cash shuffle is still used with 65K shuffle since 2019. During the bull run in 2021, users of the Bitcoin Cash network are using Cashfusion and Cashshuffle a lot today. Cashfusion's major and sister protocol, Cashshuffle, is still in use today, and at the time of writing 65,682 shuffles, with a total of 283,217 BCH mixed since the protocol's inception. Now, of course, UTXO is not mixed at the current exchange rate, but this is about $ 377 million BCH mixed according to current exchange rates. According to data from stats.devzero.be/#/shuffle, people have been using Cashshuffle with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) since March 27, 2019. But since Cashshuffle's launch in March 2019, it is months after the cash fusion to the developers BCH community at the end of November. Currently, users can use Bitcoin (BTC) with a Wasabi or Samourai wallet, and ethereum (ETH) users can use the tornado.cash application. However, mixing coins with BTC and ETH is more difficult due to the current costs imposed by the two networks, and using these protocols is much more expensive. Statistics from Bitcoinfees.cash show that the costs of the BCH network are negligible and mixing UTXOs does not cost the user a lot of money when using the Bitcoin Cash network. At the time of writing, the following BCH fixed fee is $ 0.0067 per transaction and the current average fee is $ 0.0032. Cashfusion combined users $ 5.9 billion with Bitcoin CashFusion, seeing a successful security audit from Kudelski Security, just like Cashshuffle had done before.

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