Orion Protocol Opens Industry's First Terminal Integration with Binance Bridge

Orion Protocol, a decentralized liquidity aggregator, recently announced that it is the first exchange partner to open the terminal's full integration with Binance Bridge. The partnership includes the launch of the Orion Bridge with the Orion Protocol, the interoperability framework built into Binance. Smart chain (BSC). The Orion Protocol, thanks to integration with the trading terminal, allows users to directly access Ethereum assets on the Binance smart chain without the associated network costs and network latency congestion that characterizes the current ETH ecosystem. It's “ incredibly fragmented '' so a wide variety of assets are spread across different exchanges, all with different blockchain protocols and consensus algorithms. The crypto and blockchain industry has taken significant strides in promoting interoperability across chains to homogenize systems and further decentralize the market. Orion Protocol's decentralized liquidity aggregation service strives to address these inconsistencies and provide a platform to ensure full interoperability between blockchains. With the integration, Ethereum users will have the option to use Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens listed in the Orion terminal. Making purchases and transfers directly from their wallet through BSC. These transactions are fully handled through the Binance smart chain at negligible fees through a “ support wallet '' assigned by the Orion protocol. Only users who need to deposit funds into the Orion Terminal smart contract (usually done by allowing a wallet to be connected on first use) will be billed with the Ethereum network fee, while all subsequent exchanges and withdrawals will be billed per BSC's network. fee schedule. significantly lower than current average gas costs. The network costs of Binance Smart Chain are said to be at least 135 times lower than Ethereum.

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