Organizer of crypto scheme announced by Stephen Segal found guilty, sentenced to 5 years in prison

The organizer of the cryptocurrency scheme, previously touted by renowned martial artist and actor Stephen Segal, was found guilty of his involvement. The Program mistakenly claimed that it” could bring investors an 8,000% return for the year.”

Crypto Circuit Promoter Found Guilty
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Friday that John Demarr, 55, was guilty of “participating in a coordinated cryptocurrency and securities fraud scheme through digital currency and offshore financial account platforms.”

“In an attempt to trick investor victims into investing in their companies, “start-up options” and “b2g,” based on largely false and misleading statements, ” Demarre admitted to collaborating with others. He was charged February. The Justice Department said both schemes were fraudulent.

Startup options, crypto currency mining and trading is a platform to argue that while digital and fiat currencies, where users can trade with B2G of Bitcoiin2gen known as b2g token to own an “ecosystem” was reported to be.

Demarre and others began offering securities through the Start Options website in December 2017. Investors were forced to deposit their money in bitcoins, US dollars or Euros. the funds were locked in for a period of time and investors were promised they would make “big gains.”

However, instead of using the money to invest in cryptocurrency, as announced, demarr and others diverted the funds to accounts they controlled and used them for various personal expenses, including Porsche, jewelry and renovating DeMarr’s home in California.”

The launch options also include false claims of celebrity support to promote the effects recommendations. Ministry Of Justice:

Based on this and other fraudulent promotional materials, investors sent millions of dollars worth of bitcoin, ethereum and Fiat currencies into financial accounts, including crypto wallets verified in the United States by demarr and others.

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