Orange Pilling People To Bitcoin With Music

A space for discussion became a source of employment, creativity and fun, with Bitcoin Twitter offering a new perspective on money.
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BitcoinTVAppleSpotifyGoogleLibsynOvercastRumbleMusic is a wonderful thing. Bitcoin, too, is a wonderful thing. Combine them and you have a simply fascinating mixture. One of my favorite people to work with here at Bitcoin Magazine, Pleb Music, discussed this and much more with me in our latest episode of “Meet The Plebs.” His time in bitcoin has been spent combining two of his passions, and it eventually led to work in the industry. I believe that this combination of passion and professionality is what makes the bitcoin space truly special — every single person working in it is driven by a unique desire to enact change in the world. This was quite apparent in the conversation I had with Pleb Music, so be sure to check out the podcast and written interview below.
How were you first introduced to Bitcoin?
I worked in the music industry and came across blockchain technology (lol). After reading a lot about it, I was hardcore sh*tcoining and was involved in a couple of research projects. Since I was coming from the perspective of applications, I wanted to find a way to use the blockchain (lol again) in the music industry.
As a research analyst I was involved in a big project across the European music industry. This was my entry into the rabbit hole. At some point I discovered Bitcoin Twitter and was blown away by the signal on the platform. Imagine me coming from watching YouTube videos and reading shitcoin white papers being confronted with maxis. This was humbling, but probably one of the most important lessons in my life.
Since then, I learned so much and I wouldn’t know where I would be without Bitcoin. I am very fortunate to be able to bring my fiat life skills into the space and spread the message across the globe.
What’s the primary "life lesson" that you have learned from your time in bitcoin?
Everything comes down to incentives. It’s hard to describe how this viewpoint changed my viewpoint online and in the world in general. It’s probably one of the best filters of life I have right now. My friends mock me because this is my go-to answer to everything. But seriously it’s that easy. Just watch and analyze the world around you and always ask what’s the incentive for this entity to act in this particular way.
How does music help you convey messages and have an impact on the bitcoin community?
Music was always a big part of my life and a way to express things that I care about.
I am not the best person in writing essays but the one thing I can do is produce catchy songs. So by accident I kind of found a way to put both of these together.
What are you most looking forward to in the Bitcoin space?
All these grassroot movements, be it a couple of Bitcoiners building an educational platform for the normies — who weren’t able to have a proper financial education. Just in general, all the community building that’s happening right now. I feel like this community helped me so much in becoming who I am right now. And I know that this is not the final stage but seeing what possibilities are emerging with Bitcoin City for example. Or me meeting plebs around the world who I met via Twitter is just astonishing.
Bitcoin City and all the love from the space. It’s crazy what people I’ve met, people I would’ve never thought I would be able to meet. This community is just amazing. I would be the first person moving to Bitcoin City. The Bitcoin community has taught me so much.
Price prediction for the end of 2021, and the end of 2030?
Price at the end of 2021: $150,000. Price at the end of 2030: $100 million to $150 million.


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