Optimism and Chart Partnership to Scaling Ethereum

Charts and Optimism has announced a strategic partnership that will allow developers to build decentralized applications on dApps on Optimistic Ethereum to create subgraphs. Subgraphs give them access to blockchain data indexed through The Graph. Helping Ethereum to scale Graph provides developers with services to build, index and query on Optimistic Ethereum L2 and helps Ethereum scale further. The chart will be live on the hosted service along with the public launch of Optimism and support developers in the Optimism community. Optimistic Ethereum developers are eligible for grants through The Graph Foundation by creating dApps, developing alt graph tools and educational materials. Another key integration is the partnership with Optimism, another key integration for The Graph and its community that is constantly adding new chains to the hosted service. Added support for more than 19 EVM-based solutions, including graphics, Polygon (Matic) integration, and then Arbitrum integration. Optimism will also be added to the integration list by The Graph. Integrations add the critical infrastructure needed to scale Web3. Optimistic Ethereum Subcharts As an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, Optimistic Ethereum uses optimistic aggregations to achieve the goal of lower costs, greater throughput and latency, and provides a premium user experience to developers and users on the platform. The Graph on Optimistic Ethereum integration gives developers better access to on-chain data, making it easier to build new applications and share open APIs known as subgraphs for developers. Adding value to the Graph community Graph's partnership with Optimism adds incredible value to the Graph community. Graph has an active community of over 20,000 developers and the community has created over 16,000 captions for multiple apps, including AAVE, Gnosis, Livepeer, Decentrala.

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