• OPPO Shows Off Wireless Air Charging Straight Out of the Future

    During the MWC Shanghai event, OPPO showed off its Wireless Air Charging technology, and it looks like the dream we’ve all had for wireless charging: it charges your device through the air.

    What is OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging?

    In OPPO’s video, the company shows off its concept OPPO X 2021 rollable smartphone charging on what seems like any other wireless charging mat. But we wouldn’t be covering the news if that’s all this was. The company eventually lifted the phone a few inches off the wireless pad, and the device keeps charging.

    Unfortunately, the demo doesn’t show the device being charged over any substantial distance. The company does pull it far enough from the pad to watch a video on the rollable phone, but it doesn’t move a few feet from it like Xiaomi did when it demonstrated its own air wireless charging tech called Mi Air Charge.

    Despite the relatively short distance shown off in the video, this and Xiaomi’s technology represent major leaps in wireless charging technology. While we’re not exactly close to having a room filled with power that charges your device wherever you go, this feels like a step in that direction.

    When Will We Know More?

    Unfortunately, OPPO was very reserved in what it chose to show off. The company put out the video above, and that’s about it. Hopefully, the company will announce more shortly, as we’re quite excited to see where this technology will go.

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