OpenSea leads ETHEREUM NFT revival with $ 1.2 billion monthly volume

OpenSea, NFT’s Ethereum-based cryptocurrency collection Sunday, has experienced a major activity surge in recent weeks as interest in tokenized digital artworks has grown. In the last 30 days alone, OpenSea’s trading volume was $ 1.22 billion, according to analyst company DappRadar.

This is a staggering 950% month-on-month growth for the market due to a spike in NFT collector activity in recent weeks. Opensea is used for all-new NFT collections, including recent covers of artist pplpleasr’s Fortune nft magazine, while it is best known as the most popular secondary Sunday for buying and selling NFT collections such as cryptopanks, bored monkeys Yacht Club and chubby Penguins.

The recent wave of OpenSea has been particularly pronounced over the past few weeks. Since the beginning of August, trading volume on the market has exceeded $ 800 million, according to DappRadar, with rising prices for popular collections and a delay in some NFT sales.

DappRadar’s data show that August 14 was OpenSea’s biggest day, with daily volume of more than $ 75 million surpassing the nearly 80,000 transactions made by fewer than 25,000 users. Compare that to data from a month ago, July 15, when OpenSea’s daily volume was $ 12.6 million, based on about 23,000 transactions from 7,300 users.

Fury of chubby NFT Penguins soars as daily volume hits $ 11 million
NFT is like a certificate of ownership of a digital item, whether it’s a cartoonist’s profile photo, digital picture, video clip, or a handy video game item. The NFT market boomed earlier this year when total Sunday trading volume was $ 2.5 billion in the first six months of 2021. However, the buzz and hustle and bustle around the NFS subsided in late spring and early summer, before the final revival.

Opeasea CEO devin Finzer recently tweeted that Trana’s total Sunday volume was $ 21 million

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