Open real world centrifugal asset market, weerstaat crypto bear run

Spin platform Tinlake, which combines real assets into decentralized finance through tokenization, continues to show a steady increase in total locked value, unaffected by the recent decline in the crypto Sunday. 

The platform’s real asset pool continues to grow

After impressive growth in early 2021, funds trapped in the Defi Sunday have declined significantly in recent months. This is partly due to a significant price drop in most of the leading cryptocurrencies. Since Defi is associated with cryptocurrencies, the decline in BTC and ETH values affects almost all Defi protocols, resulting in a significant decrease in the total capitalization of Defi.

Amid the volatility of the crypto market and the decline of the Defi Sunday, tinlake of centrifuge, a financial practice that combines real assets (RWA) with Defi through tokenization, total capitalization of assets continues to increase. Even during the recent cycle of decline, Tinlake successfully maintained its average monthly growth rate. June October 2020 to June 2021, the total cost of blocking tinlake pools increased by 73% on a monthly basis (CMGR), showing small signs of deceleration, according to a report from the Rockaway blockchain Fund (RBF). 

Tinlake is a compliant, decommissioned financing protocol across blockchains when connected to various sources of funding. Using real financial assets such as bills, mortgages, royalties and more to deposit tokens into NFT and use them as collateral in real-world asset pools, Tinlake allows companies to fund real assets responsibly through Defi, while providing access to cashless liquidity. 

Simply put, real-world assets are assets that have nothing to do with crypto. Therefore, the significant decline in the ETH does not affect the pool at Tinlake. As a result, several tinlake pools, including the newsilver real estate pool, consumer credit pools, commercial receivables pools, and more, operate normally with a total cost of

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