Open Letter to the Nigerian Government: Follow a Bitcoin Standard

NFL star and Nigerian ancestry Russell Okung is asking the Nigerian government to adopt a Bitcoin standard or is threatening to fall behind. Greetings President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria's hope lies in this generation. I am a proud Nigerian grandson living in America and a Bitcoin supporter. I am writing to encourage the Nigerian government to maintain economic independence and financial sovereignty by following a national Bitcoin standard. Soon every country will face this decision, but those who proactively seize the present, as we saw in El Salvador, will reap substantial benefits for future generations worldwide. It is no secret that the current global economic environment is alarming and unsustainable. Unfortunately, the fate of the Nigerian economy is in the hands of global central bankers who do not represent the interests of the Nigerian people. Despite the challenges we face, the resilience of Nigerians remains inspiring. Nigerian society enjoys more favorable conditions than most of its neighbours. However, even greater opportunities await with the adoption of national action in favor of a Bitcoin standard. The tone of this letter is intended to convey the urgency, both in terms of impending economic despair and the limited opportunity to seize this opportunity with fierce courage and strong leadership. As the challenges of COVID-19 and growing global unrest continue to strike fear into the hearts and minds of citizens everywhere, Nigerians can demand international greatness by seizing the opportunity our unique time demands. Nations such as Iran, Russia, China, and Kenya reportedly mined or otherwise used bitcoin to evade US sanctions, which often prevent them from fully participating in the global financial system. Other countries, such as Barbados, Singapore, and Malta, have turned to "bitcoin-friendly" in an attempt to attract wealth and human capital through immigration. And this week, El

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