Open Finance: a new element of a successful exit strategy

Overview Exit is one of the most critical steps for beginners and VC / PE funds. This can be an influential factor affecting the investment outcome and the overall financial goal. However, the fence also seems to be the most discussed topic in space. Exits are getting harder and harder as the market seems to have more and more ways to invest early. With the rapid adoption of blockchain, crypto, and open finance, decentralized asset protocols such as Convergence Finance can provide a creative, open and flexible way to formulate a successful exit strategy. What Dating Really Means Dating is the last thing a beginner entrepreneur wants to spend time with. Owners could spend most of their time obtaining adequate funding, financing and developing their products, rather than thinking about the end of all the hard work. Still, a good exit is strategically vital to new entrepreneurs and investors. On the investor side, this was a precondition for many venture capitalists or private equity (PE) funds to profitably profit from their investment. From an entrepreneurial perspective, exit strategies can significantly change business structures and revenue patterns. Startups with an unsuccessful exit or no exit strategy can turn years of hard work into a pointless business. Traditionally, founders and investment firms have a number of ways to get out of their investments and profit, including initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, or direct acquisitions. While real savings were hit in 2020, all of these areas remained surprisingly active. Reports from the international law firm White & Case show that there were 2,027 private equity-related transactions in 2020, including exits. and atonement. Transactions were worth approximately $ 460 billion, representing an 8% year-on-year decrease in volume. This value has remained relative, given the 2020 economic shocks.

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