OneOf Launches Eco-Conscious NFT Platform with Quincy Jones

OneOf successfully completed a round of financing by raising $ 63 million in startup capital. The Green NFT platform is based on Tezos and will include NFTs from top designers such as Whitney Houston, Doja Cat, Quincy Jones, and John Legend. Tech entrepreneur Lin Dai co-created the platform with digital media director Joshua James and music industry veteran Adam Fell, with the music community at the heart of the platform. OneOf's CEO and Co-Founder Lin Dai said about the prospects for the launch: “Blockchain has the ability to democratize ownership and bring economic empowerment to artists and fans. To bring hundreds of millions of non-crypto-native users to the blockchain through simple and exciting use cases like NFTs, we are first building a technology company with an artist philosophy and an environmentally conscious mission. The platform will showcase Doja Cat's NFTs, announcing that they will soon create their own NFT platform – Juicy Drops. The singer has announced that she wants to address a number of factors, including environmental concerns, before launching her platform. Don't wait to release my first Juicy Drops collection! However, I want to consider environmental issues and accessibility for all of my fans before I go online. We are happy to cooperate with OneOf now to solve both of these problems. “OneOf, from the music industry involved in the project and a major partnership with Quincy Jones and Quincy Jones Productions, the collection will host NFTs in the form of music, art and experiences. Platform users -form can also support their favorite artist in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency, and open the NFT platform to non-native fans as well as crypto users. Blockchain platforms running on the Tezos blockchain protocol use 2 million times less energy than other proof-of-work networks such as Ethereum, making OneOf much more environmentally friendly.

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