'Once in a while you get the light' – Jerry Garcia's art will be auctioned for $ 1 million NFT

The now deceased lead guitarist and former Grateful Dead player Jerry Garcia will be sold as an unchangeable token (NFT) collectible as a rare piece of the artwork. NFT is a digital work called "The Gift" and is sold by the Jerry Garcia Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes "environmental, artistic and humanitarian causes through the beauty of music and art". One Man Collects Another Man's Shed On May 5th, the Jerry Garcia Foundation released a newly created NFT at the auction titled "Gift," an artwork created by the Grateful Dead guitarist. The Grateful Dead was a well-known American psychedelic rock band that was founded in 1965 and toured with approximately 2,350 concerts until 1995. Also, The Dead became a huge hit known as "The Dead Heads" as the band was followed by thousands of people around it. world. The Dead's lead guitarist, Jerry Garcia, was not only an immensely popular musician, he was also interested in visual arts. The NFT named Grateful Dead's lead guitarist Jerry Garcia (pictured left) as "Gift" (pictured right), who died in 1995. Garcia art listed on Wednesday is featured on the NFT Superrare.co marketplace, and the Jerry Garcia Foundation is asking for 309 ETH. Currently, the listed 309 ETH of Garcia's "gift" is over $ 1 million at current exchange rates. The name of the Superrare seller is "@jerrygarcia" and the author's description speaks a bit about the life of the Dead guitarist. The SF Chronicle states that the Jerry Garcia Foundation plans to donate some of the proceeds from the NFT auction to the Coral Reef Conservation. "One Hour at Night, One Hour a Day … If You Get Confused, Listen to Play Music" Auction house Superrare also wrote a statement to NFT. He greets us by meeting 'Gift' as we just landed and came to the view of the blue sky walk and clouds ?? soft. We see the cute face of 'Gift' which is a gradual smile.

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