omhoog charlatan token 68% on ontwikkeling and Airdrop CoinMarketCap updates, waardoor SHIB winsten achter for 24 hours

The Shib is falling after the failure of Elon Musk. This was a completely innocent tweet account of a fan who asked Elon Musk which SHIBA Ina he had. Probably, they did not expect him to give a brutal, monosyllabic answer: “No”. Tesla’s CEO helped the Altcoin move sharply away from Sunday’s record highs. But after a while, the SHIB again increased by 9.17%. Speaking of Ilona Maske, there is another upcoming and trending token that has appeared, – he’s a charlatan. The CHARLATAN’s token has increased by 68% in the last 24 hours.

What does this charlatan’s Mask have to do with Ilon? It turns out that the founder is a fan of Ilon and distributes the Tesla Model 3 to anyone who can get Ilon to write on twitter/RT/QT about Richquack. Not only does it provide the Tesla Model 3, but Richquack has many other gifts that people can earn, we are seeing one of the strongest communities grow.

Here is a list of other current events of the Richquack community:

1. $55 trillion awarded by the CMC Airdrop campaign


2. The 10 most active users of Telegram earn 10 billion dollars a day

3. The top 10 Most Popular invitations to Discord make $10 billion a day

4. The Poker Tournament is October 31st. a $1 trillion charlatan prize, the winner gets everything. FREE TO JOIN THE OWNERS

 What is a rich charlatan? So what makes it so special?


The unique feature of the rich Quack appears on the launch pad, where they claim that it will be the future of a safe and reliable investment. Rich Quack mega jackpot lottery and lottery platform is the 4th of the year 2021. it is scheduled for release at the end of the quarter. This will give the charlatan a distinctive feature in comparison with other crypto-currencies, and in the future it will be able to increase its price increases. The rich charlatan also has a whale protection feature that prohibits whales from keeping more than 1% of the total supply.

The author thinks that Richquack is still being ignored for the time being, and when his products are ready, $DECACK will explode. We can judge this by the level of activity of their communities. It is crazy that a token with a small market value has such a level of participation at this level.

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