Oliseum-the new economy of celebrity

Having an idol or a celebrity in love is actually a person. From simply worshipping, to collecting celebrity autographs, celebrity sports postcards and setting up fan clubs, fan communities are fuelling movements of fandom culture.

Cryptography brings an easy exchange to classic interactions between fans and celebrities Dec. This year, YouTube millionaire Logan Paul invested $ 40 million in the sports cards auction house and spent millions on the NFT.

The Swiss company Olyseum is taking using cryptography to build connections between fans and their deceptions a step further. The company shares its vision of creating a social ecosystem that rewards fans for their loyalty and makes stars closer to their fan base.

That’s why Olyseum created an empirical NFT that provides October with an additional layer of value that allows stars and fans to experience engagement and make money while reviving a celebrity-based economy.

In an exclusive interview with Dailycoin, Carlos Grenoire, CEO and co-founder of Olyseum, shared his thoughts on fan communities to better understand the concept of celebrity economics.

Engagement to idols

Olyseum was founded by neuroscientist Carlos Grenoir, renowned hacker and cybersecurity expert Kevin Mitnick, and former Barcelona Football Club stars Andres Iniesta, Carles Pujol and Ivan de La Peña. 

Grenoir shares that the original idea for the platform was born while communicating with celebrities of the Barcelona football club. They explained the difficulty of building good relationships with fans, which can be beneficial for both sides. 

After identifying the problem, the team created a solution that would help fans and celebrities feel better.

“We started to think of a new type of social network, more collaborative and where value is shared between participants”decency., –
grenoir is shared. 

Physical collections have been inextricably linked to the world of fandom for decades. Various forms of memorabilia, such as CDs, DVDs, postcards, signed mail

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