OJAMU combines artificial intelligence and NFT to predict the most effective digital marketing strategy

Marketing and advertising have undergone major transformations in recent years. The Internet and social media have changed how brands place ads and how the public treats them. 

Blockchain is further disrupting digital marketing in almost all sectors. Some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Nestle, McDonald’s and Unilever, are using blockchain to enhance their digital marketing efforts. Marketing technology companies like Ojamu make it easier for brands and agencies to predict and implement the most effective marketing strategies. 

The cost of blockchain solutions is rising by an average of 60.2% and will likely reach $ 15.9 billion by 2023, according to research firm IDC. Almost every industry wants to use technology to optimize their processes, and marketing is no exception.

Combining artificial intelligence and blockchain for marketing campaigns
One of the main reasons that medium and large brands are lagging behind in their marketing is the lack of smart tool sets and real-time data. These challenges prevent them from gaining an advantage over flexible new startups.

This is what ojamu has solved with blockchain and artificial intelligence. The cross-chain solution is compatible with all leading blockchains. Ojamu’s smart platform uses hundreds of millions of real-time data points across target sectors. 

The neural prediction engine, another component of the ojamu platform, analyzes data and implements AI forecasting algorithms to create the best digital marketing strategy with the greatest ROI potential. Brands and marketing agencies are given an easy-to-use action roadmap.

Ojamu’s AI and analytics tools connect to NFT, which brands and marketing agencies can use to access key data points in the industry. NFTS also provide access to cross-linked data points to find previously unknown datasets and information that could benefit digital marketing campaigns.

Data security is crucial for brands like w

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