Ohio Nuclear Power Bitcoin Mine To Be 100% Carbon-Free

Energy Harbor will supply carbon-free nuclear power to the upcoming standard power bitcoin mining farm in Ohio.
Independent Electricity Juliette Energy Harbor has announced it will provide clean nuclear power to Standard power’s new bitcoin mining facility as a service in the state of Ohio as part of a five-year partnership. The energy port plans to start feeding the mining farm in December 2021.
“We are grateful that Standard power has given us the opportunity to serve them,” energy Harbor President and CEO John Judge said in a statement. “Our local economy in Ohio, we are focused on minimizing the environmental impact of creating a clean energy future new clients and we’re excited to be working with.”
The partnership will allow Standard power, a hosting provider for Bitcoin miners and other data processing companies, to turn an abandoned paper mill in Coshocton, Ohio, into a bitcoin mining facility. In October, the company said it would ensure the reliability and stability of its transmission network by stopping operation during periods of energy crisis.
“We chose Ohio because of its low energy costs in the availability of carbon-free energy sources,” standard Power CEO Maxim Serezhin said in a statement. “Working with Energy Harbor, we have actively structured our accommodation capacity to ensure that 100% of the energy attached to this facility is carbon-free.”
Bitcoin’s energy consumption has been a hot topic of late, with a general misconception that it is bad for the planet, which has driven a wave of “Yesil” partnerships like this in recent months. However, while the carbon-free nature of the plan is indeed significant, it will likely lead to clear free-market demonstrations.
BTC miners, like most types of businesses, are trying to improve their profits and operational efficiency. The natural and free transition to the cheapest energy sources available can provide lower power consumption for miners.

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