Nvidia CEO Huang: "Ethereum Will Be Very Valuable"

If you're unsure of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's stance on Ethereum's transition to proof-of-stake, question no further. Huang is clearly optimistic about the future of Ethereum. At an online-only Computex event, he answered questions ranging from his thoughts on the metaverse to the global semiconductor scarcity. Huang: A 'Reasonable Bull' Perspective Jensen Huang's comments, especially on Ethereum, showed great optimism. When asked widely about the supply and demand constraints surrounding crypto and Nvidia products, Huang was clearly excited; The reason Ethereum chose our GPUs is because it is the largest distributed supercomputer network in the world. It is programmable. When Bitcoin first came out, it used our GPU,” he said. “Am I enthusiastic about proof-of-stake? The answer is yes,” Huang added. “As we move towards this transition, it is now certain that Ethereum will be very valuable.” He went on to discuss CMP, a new Nvidia product that could appeal to the crypto mining consumer and streamline GeForce delivery to bring more GeForce products to gaming consumers. However, there was still moderate optimism for Huang here. When asked about limiting hash rates later in the session, Huang shared more perspectives on his thoughts on crypto. “I believe that cryptocurrency is permanent. "It's a legitimate way for people to want to exchange value," he said. More importantly, Ethereum and other similar forms will be excellent distributed blockchain methods for securing transactions in the future. Huang said, "cryptocurrency is here to stay. "Ethereum may not be that hot. As it is today. It may cool in a year. But I think crypto mining will be permanent." Related Reading | TA: Ethereum Revises $2,400, Here's What Could Cause More Negative Questions… Nvidia CEO made other interesting comments.

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