Number Of Short-Term Bitcoin Holders Hits Record Low On How It Affects Price

Bitcoin has performed well in the market recently. The digital asset broke its $ 50k price tag earlier this week before seeing a slight drop to $ 49k. Increased interest is at the top of the list. As prices have risen, some interesting things have happened in the bitcoin space, from hold models to hold time.

Recent data shows the number of short-term bitcoin holders has fallen to new lows. Most investors are now holding their money and not taking it out of their wallets. This happens regardless of where BTC’s price is at any given time. The record of nearly 84% of total bitcoin shipments was unchanged in three months. That timeline coincides with the end of Trump’s recent bull rally, which has reached a new record high compared with the current rally.

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Investors Pull Bitcoins With Exchanges

The bullish rally, which would normally result in a faster sell-off, now has the opposite effect. Instead of investors clamoring to sell their money and make a profit as the price rises, the data shows investors are hoarding their money. This can be seen through the input and output of cryptocurrency exchanges.

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With long-term owners refusing to move any of their bitcoin assets, the pressure to buy bitcoin is now in the order of things. With more than 80% of the total supply virtually unchanged, demand has now outstripped supply in the market, causing BTC prices to rise. Accumulation models show that long-term owners take stock from short-term owners to replenish their stock.

Short-term BTC owners don’t Work / Source: Twitter

This will lead to a digital asset gap, which causes purchasing pressure to continue to increase, while sales pressure will continue to increase.

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