Number of countries investigating CBDC doubles in one year: report

In a recent speech before the House Financial Services Committee, Julia Friedlander testified about the critical issue of CBDC, its rapid expansion, and the United States ‘ progress in CBDC development. Friedlander was an economist at the CIA and an adviser to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of counterterrorism and financial intelligence, and currently serves as Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council Center for geoeconomics·.

Friedlander’s research report highlighted that the number of countries working to develop CBDC rose to 81 last year, compared with 35 countries.

Currently, 14 countries are in the experimental stage
The evidence in question suggests that CBDCs are becoming a global phenomenon and are not limited to us and European Central Banks alone. Many of these countries have stepped up their CBDC programs as the popularity of digital currencies continues to grow. Of the 81 countries currently working to develop CBDC, 14 have launched pilot launches, including Sweden, Russia, Japan and South Korea, hinting at a possible launch soon.

The report also notes that five countries have launched a specific form of CBDC, the first being the Bahamian Sand Dollar. The Venezuelan government previously launched petro as the official CBDC.

“The lesson of the Pilot and fully launched countries is that countries have different motivations to set up the CBDC, and some countries hope to bring more people into the financial system.”

The United States lags behind the 4 most influential central banks
The report also noted that the US currently lags behind CBDC in the development of the world’s 4 most influential central banks, the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and the Bank of England.

Speaking of China’s progress, the researchers noted that cbdc is at the forefront of the game, with about 21 million personal and 3.5 million business digital wallets denominated in yuan

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