Norwegian police try to break Monero and Dash in case of disappearance

While searching for the missing Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, the Norwegian National Cybercrime Center is trying to open Monero and Dash, two cryptocurrencies known for their privacy protection capabilities. The police believe that the privacy coins were used in a ransom attempt and that monitoring these transactions could get them to Hagen. "I specifically do not want to comment on what we have done or what we have done or accomplished in the context of Dash and Monero," police attorney Richard Beck Pedersen told Norwegian media VG. "But I can say that we hope this study will lead to an important result for research." Noting that criminals are using cryptocurrencies like Dash and Monero to corrupt the police, Pedersen added that privacy coins currently present "the biggest challenges" to researchers. "It doesn't take a lot of expertise to make this too difficult," he said. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, wife of property-king Tom Hagen, one of Norway's richest men, has been missing since October 2018 in a suspected ransom kidnapping, according to The Guardian. He was reportedly abducted for ransom shortly after he disappeared in October; According to VG, about 90 million Norwegian kroner ($ 10.8 million) was claimed for Hagen's return. Norwegian officials gathered data showing that the suspected kidnappers had planned the kidnapping long in advance. According to VG, on June 28, the hijackers created a password-protected document containing two addresses for Bitcoin and Monero cryptocurrencies. US Homeland Security Can Now Monitor Privacy The Crypto Monero Bitcoin address was created for communication purposes only, while the Monero address was available for ransom payment. In July, an email address was created with a stolen ID that was used to create it.

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