Nobel Prize Winning Economist Robert Shiller discusses his entry into the Bitcoin market

Nobel laureate and Yale University professor Robert Shiller was captivated by the crypto market. He plans to invest in cryptocurrency to learn about the market. He said, "I have never bought bitcoin. Maybe I should be in this market." Professor Yale and Nobel Prize Winner Talk About Crypto Entering Nobel Prize Winner Robert Shiller spoke about cryptocurrency in an interview with CNBC published on Sunday. Eugene Fama, along with Lars Peter Hansen, won the Alfred Nobel Memorial Sveriges Riksbank Economics Prize in 2013. He is currently the Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. Shiller is concerned about the current real estate market, stocks and cryptocurrencies. He says he sees the “ wild west '' mentality among investors. "This is a very psychological market. It's a great technology. However," he argued, "the ultimate source of value is so uncertain that it has to do with our stories, not reality," Shiller said, especially in the crypto market. Still, he said he was tempted to buy cryptocurrencies. a lot of people do. I have never bought bitcoin. Maybe I should be in this market. Shiller has always been skeptical of bitcoin. The best example of "irrational enthusiasm or speculative bubbles" was Bitcoin. He said that in 2018 it looked like a bubble and he wondered if the cryptocurrency would be nearly 100 years from now. Still, he said, "I don't want to be indifferent. I'm against Bitcoin," adding that something good could come out of cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, another Nobel Prize winner, Paul Krugman, said last week that he predicted the imminent death of Bitcoin. “It seems like there is always a new group of believers out there. Think about it

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