NFT’s social platform identifies integreert met Tron and embeds zijn’s social profiles in the het van TRON ecosystem

On August 24, 2021, TRON announced on Twitter that the NFT social platform supports TRC721, marking its integration with the TRON ecosystem. Meanwhile decommissioned BTFS storage system, managed by TRON, will be officially integrated with DeFine in September.

Tron, along with DeFine and APENFT, will also contribute to the growth of the NFT ecosystem by searching for valuable NFTS in the global Sunday.

The definition also secured a strategic investment from TRON on 23 August.

We are pleased to announce that @defineplatform supports trc721 and joins the #TRON ecosystem.
Meanwhile decks BTFS, the storage system on #TRON, will be integrated with DeFine in September.
In the future, together with @apenftorg, we will build and expand the #NFT ecosystem.

– Throne Foundation (@Tronfoundation) August 24, 2021

With support from TRON, APENFT and BTFS, DeFine will create new ways to interact between artistic creators and their followers, encourage the spread of NFT’s artwork and deconstruct new options for using them.

In addition, Btfs’s integration of the TRON network storage solution into treasure allows you to store archives of user information and generated NFT files. BTFS has more than 100 million community users and more than 60 trading platforms. A large user base and strong distribution potential will also give a strong impetus to this strategic cooperation.

By forming an alliance in the NFT world, TRON, DeFine and APENFT will allow all creators, including artists, musicians, influencers, players and athletes, to interact with their subscribers through digital assets such as nft and social media/fan-based tokens.

DeFine can also use the influence of APENFT in nft art and the low cost and high performance of TRON to significantly increase interaction and reduce the cost of NFT transactions. In return, DeFine will move its unique social profile system into the TRON ecosystem and create custom ID badges for users.

Come on, throne, monkey a

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