NFT’s” Cryptomoter ” artwork, signed by Vitalik Buterin, will be auctioned off during London-based ethereum hardfork

Australian Sunday Place NFT NFT STARS has announced it has completed the sale of the famous NFT artwork “Cryptomotherium,” recently signed by ETHEREUM founder Vitalik Buterin. The auction is timed for the long-awaited launch of London hardfork on August 4.

Although it is the only NFT signed by Vitalik Buterin, the NFT “Cryptomoter” will be sold along with other artworks in the “Blockchain Art” collection, which are available for sale in the NFT Sunday. The artwork is both a physical painting and a unique digital NFT form.

First introduced to the world in 2017, “Cryptomoter” became interested in the art world and became one of the most famous examples of blockchain technology and the ability of art to create truly unique works. The study was shown at a series of events, best known for the 2018 Blockchain Conference, where Vitalik Buterin found as much work as he agreed to sign. 

With London-based ethereum hardfork on the horizon, the launch of ETHEREUM-managed NFT coincides with the network’s historic milestone, and so a unique artwork signed by Ethereum’s founder is particularly appropriate for this occasion. 

NFT STARS takes a new approach to nft Sundays, selecting their artists on their merit and providing them with gas-free NFT mining. The Platform also offers artists the opportunity to place their exhibitions in a personalized gallery and offers collective ownership in the NFT.

The final auction price for” cryptomoter ” is expected to be in the millions, with the current owner of the artwork already bidding for $ 6 million. The current starting rate starts at 400 ETH. 

It should be noted that numerous targets should be taken as a percentage of sales revenue, including the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), Givewell charity, Mafusail Foundation and Gitcoin Foundation.

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