Nft superrare platform introduces new platform token and October features

NFT marketplace SuperRare is known as a more individual, selective Sunday. Unlike OpenSea or many other major NFT Sundays, SuperRare is not open to all applicants and instead selects contemporary NFT artists who usually match the platform’s identity.

In this week’s announcement, the superrare team unveiled a curatorial token for a rare $and a new network of features as part of the platform.

Superrar and rare token worth $
The $ RARE token will feed the DAO superrare management model. The $ 100 owners will form the SuperRare Board of Directors and oversee the platform’s new “superrare areas,” community assessments and future changes and solutions for the platform.

According to the announcement, the $ RARE token will be ” the first step in our commitment to progressive decentralization and further subverting the Arts Sunday.”

The token will represent a change in the way the artwork is compiled on the platform. While the SuperRare Labs team has so far chosen artists to showcase on the platform, the $ RARE token will change that. The token will serve as “the primary tool in the growing network of curators, galleries and collectives” within what they call”supercharged spaces.”

The Platform assigns 15% of rare $ tokens using airdrops to artists and collectors who have made up the community so far. Unclaimed tokens return to the treasure of the DAO platform. Delivery of a rare $ token is limited to one billion tokens.

Related data / number of distributed ethereums currently exceeds $ 21 billion, surpassing the total number of packaged ETS

More Super Features
In addition to the $ RARE token, there are three main blocks contributing to today October’s announcement: the aforementioned superrare domains, the DAO platform, and the new sovereign smart contracts.

Seats will be “independently selected storefronts” chosen by $ rare owners. Decentralized art is here.

The platform’s new DAO has already started collecting commissions and fees from the platform. Treasure one

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