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Last year, my colleague David Hoffman wrote a really interesting article about how Ethereum looks like a ” trust-producing plant.”
I’ve been thinking about this metaphor a lot lately, and 20.I noticed that it bears some compelling similarities to rhizomatics, a concept developed by the century-old French philosophers Gilles Deleuz and Felix Guattari.
© asey @ getprsmNFT the world needs adam Smith or Lafayette. 3 August 2021
Globally, I personally believe that Ethereum, NFT and Web3 have a rhizomatic nature. Please note that the rhizomes are “underground stems of plants that secrete roots and shoots,” such as ginger, Lotus and turmeric.
The rhizomes of the plant are Milky, freely circulating in and around each other. Do you see where I’m going?Accordingly, it’s not just the math of the month when it comes to Ethereum and NFT. Throughout our ecosystem, if it were still with us today, it would be the 20th, like Deleuze and Guattari.we do things that really excite some of the greatest intellectuals of the century. 
Understanding why Deleuze and Guattari would resonate with our ecosystem could help us better understand the spirit of the time we live in, or at least offer us new perspectives. Let me explain 👩 🏫 ️
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Ethereum & NFS: rhizomatic revolution?According to Deleuze and Guattari, rhizomatic thinking is a concept of knowledge and society that “allows multiple non-hierarchical inputs and outputs in the presentation and interpretation of data.”
Rhizomatic thinking is in contrast to the tree-like thinking that has hitherto dominated the West, hierarchical, chronological, generalizing, and often organized by the state. 
From Wikipedia:” as a culture model, the rhizome opposes the organizational structure of the root

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