NFT Markets See Increase in Web Traffic Amid Crypto Boom

The largest NFT markets have seen web traffic increase an average of 430% last month in an emerging market for crypto collections. Unchangeable Tokens (NFTs) are cryptographically unique digital tokens that can show ownership and scarcity of digital content such as images, audio or video. The NFT art market has grown rapidly in recent months, driven by massive sales, such as Christie auctioning a digital artwork for $ 69 million by Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann. With the NBA Top Shot selling millions of baseball-themed digital trading cards, sales of crypto collectibles also increased. It caused an increase in web traffic on sites that sell and resell NFTs. What are NFT Markets? NFT markets allow you to auction sell NFTs to anyone in the world who wants to pay in cryptocurrency. Payments are made directly from buyer to artist, and the market usually benefits from discounts. With the rapid development of the secondary market for NFTs, NFTs can also be resold in these markets. The NFT Platform and Foundation "Creative Playground for Artists" saw the strongest growth from half a million users to 6.5 million, up 1,200 percent last month. It provides the sale of various digital arts and aims to give artists their own profile. Web traffic to the foundation has increased over the past month. Image: SimilarWeb. The largest NFT market by sales volume, Nifty Gateway saw a 290% increase in web traffic last month, according to data tracker Crypto Art. According to web traffic monitor SimilarWeb, it reached 4.2 million monthly users, while its monthly sales volume increased to $ 140 million. In other NFT markets, there was a significant increase in the number of visitors to their sites. Rarible increased by 305%, OpenSea by 360%, MakersPlace by 263% and SuperRare by 158%. SuperRare is the second largest market with sales volume of $ 29.5 million last month. Here are the biggest celebrities H Read more

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