NFT Marketplace OpenSea sees increase in trading volume, trading nearly $ 100 million in 2 days

The unalterable token market appears to be reviving, with OpenSea already dealing with more volume than it would through 2020.

OpenSea Trading Volume Increases
Over the weekend, OpenSea, the well-known non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) Sunday, had a trading volume of $ 55 million, up nearly fivefold over the whole of 2020.

Devin Finzer, co-founder and CEO of OpenSea, tweeted on August 2 that the platform had processed $ 95 million in two days.

In 2020, OpenSea’s total trading volume was approximately $ 21 million.

We’ve made $ 95 million in the last two days.

The growth curve for the NFT is crazy.

– Devin Finzer (dfinzer.eth) (@dfinzer), August 2, 2021

Finzer estimates that OpenSea handles $ 21 million of traffic by 2021, and that the daily value of transactions on the market has increased more than 650 times since 2020.

This puts OpenSea alongside industry giants such as spacex, Stripe, Revolut and others.

OpenSea is expanding its lead in rival NFT Sundays with daily volumes of $ 543,000 and $ 248,000 for SuperRare and Rarible, respectively, according to DappRadar statistics.

Rarible surpassed OpenSea in 2020, with the platform’s placement volume exceeding $ 24 million last year, while OpenSea’s volume is 150 times that of Rarible. Despite further declines in the rankings, rarible’s daily volume has almost quadrupled since 2020.

According to Dune Analytics, SupeRare processed about 6 million transactions last year, worth an average of $ 16,400 / day. As a result, Suprerar volume has increased more than 33 times since 2020.

The large trading volumes OpenSea has seen coincide with new growth in the NFT industry.

Collectors, many of whom are willing to pay millions of dollars, are increasingly interested in these unique crypto tokens, which function effectively as digital property IDs.

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