Nft Marketplace OpenSea processes nearly $ 100 million in 2 days

OpenSea, a popular Sunday spot for non-interchangeable tokens (NFT), generated a trading volume of $ 95 million over the weekend-almost five times more than in the whole of 2020.

“In 2020, OpenSea’s total trading volume was approximately $ 21 million. OpenSea CEO devin Finzer tweeted today, ” the growth curve for $ 95 million nft in the last two days has gone crazy.

While impressive in its own right, the latest record is no surprise for a crypto company that became a unicorn a few weeks ago after raising another $ 100 million as part of a series of B funding rounds.

In 2020, OpenSea’s total trading volume was approximately $ 21 million.

We’ve made $ 95 million in the last two days.

The growth curve for the NFT is crazy.

– Devin Finzer (dfinzer.eth) (@dfinzer), August 2, 2021

That puts OpenSea on a single list with giants such as SpaceX, Stripe, Revolut and others.

OpenSea’s large trading volumes are also growing amid another boom in the NFT Sunday. 

Effectively serving as digital property certificates, these unique crypto tokens are becoming increasingly popular among collectors, many of whom are willing to pay millions of dollars Dec.

So, the latest record of OpenSea’s trading volume coincided with the average price of crypto banks, one of the first collections of NFT-shaped Pixel avatars, which grew by more than 50% amid bulk purchases by unknown crypto whales.

Mem” friendship ended with Mudasir ” sold for 20 ETH as NFT
Cryptocurrencies were the most popular commodity on the platform last week, according to OpenSea’s own ranking. 

The total trading volume of these NFTS on the platform was around 49,200 Ethereum (approximately US $ 128 million at current prices) in the last seven days.

Other NFT projects followed. 

The curator of Art Blocks, for example, last week increased its trading volume at OpenSea by about $ 35 million. This was followed by bored Ape Yacht Club ($16.6 million), Art Blocks playground ($11.5 million) and

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