NFT LeaderBoard study highlights leading NFT collectors in crypto industry

As the field of unalterable tokens (NFT) continues to grow, Nansen of blockchain analytics has released a leading list of top portfolios (NFT aggregators) that regularly interact with NFT. The analyst company looked at its portfolio of 90 million ethereum and saw some major market players step into the NFT field.

Nft ecosystem’s most productive market participants
The irreplaceable token technology (NFT) and its supporting ecosystem have matured considerably in 2021 and are unlikely to slow down any time soon. There is also a large amount of NFT Sunday data that is released and recorded in real time. Famous brands, celebrities and popular organizations are fighting for the NFT, all of which have made headlines.

Nansen NFT banner for total profit.
Data 30-day Sunday history shows NFT sales totaled $ 380 million last month. Now, blockchain analytics provider Nansen has provided statistics to some of the most recognized players in the non-interchangeable token Sunday, namely NFT collectors.

Nansen NFT leaderboard”bored monkey Yacht Club”.
Of millions of scanned wallets and transactions, Nansen said that to be included in the NFT leaderboard, “the account must buy and sell at least 3 NFTS from more than 10 collections.”There are several sections on the leaderboard that rank among the leaders of overall profit margins and a decidedly NFT collection. There is also a tab called the “hodler tab” in the “NFT God Mode”section of the leaderboard. Nansen leaderboard statistics can be quite interesting and provide a glimpse of the best NFT collectors in space.

Pranxi, Atblank, Natalex and Snotroket
For example, there is an NFT collector called “Pranxi”, which is considered a collector who makes a better total profit. “Pranxi is productive,” Nansen says in his report. “With total expenditures in the 1860 ETH (currently US $ 3.4 million), Pranxie spent 3 times more than anyone else.

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