NFT Guild 'Yield Farming' Raises $4M to Expand 'Play-to-Earn' Gaming Edition

Yield Guild Games, a group of investors and gamers who monetize games designed around NFTs, announced today that it has raised $4 million in Series A to accelerate the trend of play-to-win games. . The decentralized guild invests in NFTs of blockchain-based games and then lends them to members who use them and earn income as they play. Cryptogame NFTs come in many forms, from craftable, fighting monsters in Axie Infinity to customizable, income-generating terrains in The Sandbox. Yield Guild Games receives a fee from the revenue generated by players borrowing NFT assets for such yield farming efforts. According to Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games, the $4 million investment round will be used to purchase additional NFTs and support more games. The guild has already invested in assets for Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, both built on Ethereum, as well as F1 Delta Time, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium and League of Kingdoms. “When making investment decisions, YGG considers the game's win-win tokenomics and guild-based game plans. The most critical part for YGG is the monetization design so that players can monetize the game,” Dizon told Decrypt. “It is comfortable to invest in YGG very early in the game, provided that this aspect of the game is clarified and potentially lucrative for players. We are proud to announce that our @AxieInfinity scholars have collectively earned 10 million Smooth Love Potions! This is approximately $1.4 million earned by players playing Axie Infinity around the world through 1000 Axie Scholars. — Yield Guild Games (@YieldGuild) May 26, 2021 BITKRAFT Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on the gaming and esports industry, led the Series A investment round. New investors A.Capital Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Mechanism Capita

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