NFT CryptoPunks are now worth almost $ 2 billion

According to a research report published by the University's Institute for the Future (IFF), the total market cap of 10,000 CryptoPunks – widely regarded as immutable "MV" tokens (NFTs), has risen to over $ 1.95 billion. From Nicosia. ). “NFTs are already a multi-billion dollar industry, partly thanks to the pioneering work of Larva Labs, the makers of CryptoPunks. "We believe NFTs will evolve over time to represent a wide variety of assets, services and communities, from art and collectibles." He added that at this speed, NFTs as a whole would generate trillions of dollars in value by the end of the decade, all in native digital format. NFT boom CryptoPunks and NFTs are the success stories of the recent crypto boom. These cryptographically unique, non-changeable tokens can be printed as one-off offers or in small batches and associated with content such as images or music. Because NFTs are likely rare, they can serve as digital certificates of authenticity and ownership for a variety of digital media. CryptoPunks is a collection of 10,000 pixel punk portraits with randomly generated features. NFTs each have a different value and rarity according to their characteristics, and some of these have been sold for millions of dollars in the past. IFF researchers analyzed CryptoPunks sales data as of January 1 this year to calculate its current combined value. On May 9, the total price of NFTs was 476,113 Ethereum – worth about $ 1.95 billion at current prices. "Creating ecosystem-wide assessments for thousands or tens of thousands of NFT assets can only be done through automated analysis and is a critical missing link in the NFT ecosystem," said Ali Tayar, head of the research team. "We look forward to further refining our valuation models and extending them to other NFT projects in the coming weeks." 9 Rare CryptoPunk from @ LarvaLab's Own Collection

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