New York’ta Binance Sorunlar: Malta Kang Worden Gekkonfronterd Liefdadigheid Yasal Sorunlar İle Bir Araya Geldi

A charity run by cryptocurrency company Binance could be sued for failing to register several times, the Commissioner for voluntary organisations in Malta has warned.

Binance Faces Legal Challenges In Malta
According to Malta’s times, the foundation has sued the Maltese Community Foundation, which wants to fulfill promises about cryptocurrencies issued for cancer patients, currently worth more than 7 million euros.

The commissioner’s office said in a letter dated July 23 that the world’s largest crypto exchange was guilty of” ignoring ” annual reminders of its accounts for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020. Binance failed to obtain a license to offer its services in Malta, according to the Maltese Supervisory Authority, The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

“In fact, this email was sent to your address because despite numerous attempts to trace your organization to the specified address and contact numbers in the file, no response was received and all messages were ignored,” the watchdog wrote to foundation deciders.

Binance has started regulatory issues in Malta after the Malta Community Fund secured justice in the case of unfulfilled cryptocurrency donation promises. The cost of binance Charity’s ongoing donations has risen from several hundred thousand euros to 7 million euros over the past three years, according to the Community Foundation.

The commissioner’s office also said it reserved the right to report the incident to police.

According to the Binance Blockchain charitable Foundation’s website, the financial statements will be verified by the auditor and submitted to the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations in August 2019 in accordance with local regulations.

In a statement issued on 14 July, the MFSA reported that Binance did not have the right to operate in the virtual asset sector in Malta. The administration has already sent a similar notice in February 2020.


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