New study says this is the limit for teens and video games

The digital age has totally transformed how many of us spend our free time. Sure, it might be nice outside, but have you seen 4K? It’s got better resolution than the real world! I’m (kinda) kidding of course, but it’s true that there are a lot more things to do today that involve staring at screens than there ever has been in the entirety of human history. Many parents are concerned that things like social media and video games are distracting their children from other, more positive pursuits, and a new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior suggests they have a good reason to worry.

The study, which focused on the correlation between screen time and school grades in middle-school children, suggests there’s a clear link between digital playtime and decreased academic performance. The researchers were even able to zero in on the amount of time that is "too much" and could lead to decreases in test scores, as well as lower grades.

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