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Best cashless nation,
At one time, the Ethereum Foundation commissioned a work of art that would symbolize exactly what the ethereum community looked like.
The cult result was a new Octahedron, a snapshot shown below.
Most etherians operating since 2019 have seen the animation, but many are not familiar with how fun ink DAO, a “random group” of some of the most respected cryptoart creators, has brought the work to life.
With this new group of octahedrons recently hammered as NFT in the foundation, I reached out and asked them to pinch their brains on their journey so far. They’re very grateful, so I posted their comments below. Enjoy!
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Talk about the new Octahedron with artists Ilan Katin, Lilashka, Mattia Kattini, GARSONAS TC and XCOPY!The well-known creator of the WMP new Octahedron is LOL INK Dao, who describes himself as a random group. Its members are among the most respected cryptocurrency players in the nft ecosystem today Dec. How did this particular group come together to create this work of art, and what was it like deceptively working with ethereum in the days when cryptoart wasn’t going mainstream?
Lily and I met in 2019. I’ve been hired by Josh Stark of the Ethereum Foundation for a new job he considered how the website and artwork could reflect Ethereum’s core value, ecosystem and strength. It was clear that the community was not the answer, so I decided that there was no better way than a group of other members of our community, and who else was it, even if it wasn’t a crypto-artist!
Then I convinced Ilan Katin to join, and all the cryptocurrency og oficinas convinced TK to bring XCopy and Mattia on board. I briefly worked with each of them during the Radicards project, and I have no doubt

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