New Kids In The Quarter:

We celebrated a great week and month this weekend), a unique NFT project that is a serious incentive. With this new popular “new kids on the block” content, we highlight new projects and give you a full idea of what they’re doing. “New kids on the Block” takes a fresh look at established but relatively new projects in kriptorynka.

First on record-for “art block”; let’s see what the project is about. Everything You Need To Know
Art blocks themselves has been described as” the first platform of its kind focusing on programmable on-demand productive content that is constantly stored on the ethereum blockchain.” You choose the style you want, pay for the work, and a randomly generated version of the content is generated by the algorithm and sent to your Ethereum account.”In short, some of the desire and demand here comes from the fact that you only have the high level of art that you pay for.

It’s almost like a special algorithm created by your own artwork.

Krom vzoryuchki is perhaps the most “consumer-oriented” art Block project. Recently, folds usually exceed $ 25-50 thousand; yesterday alone, this twist ordered 750 ETH (more than $ 2.4 million at current value). It was the most expensive twist to date. Even the NFT’s leading artist, Beeple, is in memory of zakoryuchka (and the” chubby Penguins “joint project:”chubby penguins eat krom zakoryuchka”).

The Art Blocks platform also opened a “curatorial Council” to highlight limited NFT art projects that the platform considers relevant to art blocks. Curators of art blocks showed an average of around $ 21k, breaking previous records. Curator work is usually done in the form of “Dutch auctions”, where the initial bid is set at 3 ETH and d

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