New Jersey order against BlockFi extended, Vermont issues notice to crypto lender

On July 28, Zach Prince, CEO of crypto-finance firm BlockFi, announced that the company had a “productive dialogue” with U.S. regulators. Prince also said The New Jersey Securities Bureau had extended the state’s previous order until September 2. Meanwhile, the company also had trouble with the Vermont Department of financial regulation (DFR) because the DFR government decommissioned an order to lock the company’s interest accounts (offset).

Garden State regulators reach out to BlockFi, Vermont files complaint with regulators
Four states have had problems with blockfis bias, and regulators recently sent notices to companies. BlockFi co-founder Zach Prince notified the company’s regulators in new Jersey on July 19. New Jersey’s public statement and BlockFi’s complaints about crypto bias mentioned “the sale of unregistered securities.”

Then, on July 22, regulators in Texas and Alabama also sent the company a notice of bias. BlockFi has problems with the fourth state, as the Vermont Department of financial regulation (DFR)also sent a message to BlockFi.

Documents discovered July 27 by financial reporter Danny Nelson, Vermont DFR Commissioner Michael S. It shows pisiak ordering a 30-day demonstration. The message says BlockFi needs to convince the state regulator that there are no Securities.

“The shares are not registered and are not allowed to sell in Vermont, and they are not eligible for registration exemption under the Securities Act,”he said. The Pieciak order said the company “is not registered with the Vermont Department of financial regulation to supply or sell Vermont securities.”

Blockfi CEO: company conducts productive dialogue with regulators
The day after pietziak’s posting to BlockFi, Prince reached out to viewers via the company’s blog post. “We are having an efficient conversation with regulators to protect your interests and expand access

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