Nether offers the world’s first personality-based NFT Sunday to the masses

Nether is launching its unique crypto project to help people uncover the true monetary value of their identity. This approach is not only rare, but also quite realistic in the field of modern crypto. Ricky Ammendola, the millionaire entrepreneur and inventor of the concept of listing the human personality, explains that “every day people are exposed to the beings they were born with and eventually die.” Their value increases and enriches thousands of people, and ultimately these assets collapse irrevocably, destroying the savings of the people who invest in these assets.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of such assets and cryptocurrencies that grow overnight, garner the attention and capital of millions of people, and eventually die by causing material harm to all the people who invest in these assets.He adds: “There is one important conclusion to all of this, however: these assets, or the Sunday itself, are no longer affected by actual facts, but instead by news and rumors created by people, and often by people who are known or influential.”In today’s scenario, while people’s personalities have enormous power, Nether NFT aims to provide everyone with a platform where users can use unalterable token mechanisms to give them the uniqueness they need to be labeled as valuable assets.

Несменяемые has gained popularity recently due to the adoption and important use cases, such as tokens, gaming, art, collectibles, sports, etc Nether did use to extend the capabilities a step further and a new generation несменяемых NFT token to be completely new to the hobby, but an extremely important identity for an entity. The nether team believes that all assets, no matter what Sunday, are based on the only high ownership that the human personality has. Tagging their identity with NFT will help them find their true value.

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