Nashville Contracting Company Urges Customers To Pay Bitcoins Because Of Inflation

A local Nashville company is urging its customers to pay bitcoins because of problems with inflation.
Another day, another company accepts bitcoin as payment.
Next to bitcoin Magazine in Nashville, a local contract company encourages its customers to pay for their services in bitcoin, giving them a 10% discount, according to Nashville’s News Channel 5.

“The reason we do this is because of rising timber value, rising labour cost and inflation to pay in cryptocurrency to replenish our cash reserves.”
– Stratton Exteriors CEO Shane Stratton
Apparently, the CEO is making some good economic calculations, realizing that the company will better save dollars in bitcoins because of rising inflation. The company is taking advantage of the 21 million offers, with strict restrictions offered by the Bitcoin network, to help protect the company and increase its value.
Keeping bitcoin on its balance sheets allows the company not only to keep up with the cost of lumber and labor, but also to exceed it. Now Stratton can afford to buy what the company needs, and yet bitcoin remains for savings. That’s something many CEOs have understood over the past year, including many other advantages of adopting the bitcoin standard.
“I see great value in buying and storing crypto assets. We are in the very early stages of cryptocurrency development, ” he added. “So, when you first heard about the internet 20 years ago, if you think about where we are now, it’s a big leap.”
While Cryptocurrency is very volatile, Stratton says he has accepted the risk that might require holding it for the company and decided to accept it because he believes it will cost much more in the future. It can also expect that currently 10% of the company’s transactions are processed in cryptocurrency, and only their numbers will increase as payment becomes increasingly popular.
They also earn a few extra cool points for owning a mini blockchain!


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