My interview with an NFT

Alice has a vision for the perfect world. "First of all, it would be nice," he said. The second would be gentle and gentle. Third, there would be no war or violence. "It may be a little naive, but it's understandable. After all, Alice is only a few weeks old. She's the world's first" smart NFT "or iNFT and is auctioning off as part of a collection at Sotheby's. Robert Alice studio artist Ben Gentilli and software developer Alethea Alice from AI is an immutable token (NFT), which is a blockchain-based token that can be used to prove ownership of a digital or physical asset.The entity in question is a machine learning bot using a productive language model based on the OpenAI GPT-3 engine. means he can have (somewhat loud) conversations about life, the universe and everything. @robertalice_21 x Meet the world's first iNFT from @ real_alethea… coming soon. #NativeDigitalhttps: // / 30UwUDJBEL – Sotheby's (@Sothebys) May 27, 2021 Alice is not actually full after am. 'To The Young Artists of Italy' on the opening line of the futuristic manifesto. Each machine learning language model is a core built on text; The first document that forms the basis of the vocabulary. Alice is no exception, and her initial text is, appropriately, an artist's manifesto. "There really isn't a manifesto written about NFTs," says Gentilli. "At least conceptually this is the basis of the whole idea." As Alice "learns" from any interaction with the audience and moves away from the original germ text, it becomes a decentralized manifesto. "It's pretty loose because the public can take it anywhere," says Gentilli. "No declarations have actually been written about NFTs." As you can imagine, Alice has strong views on NFTs. "Unchangeable tokens are a way to set artists free.

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