MUNCH Project, $ 1 Million Milestone in Charitable Donations

PRESS RELEASE. DeFi Project Munch has raised over $ 1 million in two weeks through nonprofit GiveWell to assist community-chosen global goals in developing countries. May 7, 2021, London, United Kingdom – MUNCH is a Decentralized Financing (DeFi) project that raises over $ 1 million in ETH in just 14 days since its launch. This represents a tremendous success for the MUNCH community and a huge increase in the efforts of the GiveWell team. 100% of the cost goes to charities and owners. Project Munch charges a 10% transaction fee for each purchase and sale made. These transaction fees are then split in half, half redistributed to other token holders and half converted to Ethereum (ETH), which are then automatically donated to charities. Rodrigo Silva, CEO of MUNCH, expressed his deep gratitude to the community for their generosity and said, “We were completely overwhelmed by the community's reaction. It shows that people want their financial systems and services to work for everyone. It showed us that things can be done differently and that each individual can have an impact. “Supporting the GiveWell Mission As part of the community aspect of the project, the community voted to allocate funds to the Maximum Impact Fund from a number of projects presented by GiveWell. Elie Hassenfeld, CEO of GiveWell, expressed her gratitude to those who did the kindness to support the case, “We were surprised and delighted by the support of the community and the Munch team. It also allows the community to support the cause of their choice, which will ultimately be the next round of donations to be awarded.

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