Multiplays: blockchain game reinvented using NFTs

Blockchain has become an increasingly technological choice for many industries, and the game is definitely one of them. Blockchain games have revolutionized the gaming world, adding real value to it, leading to 1 out of 4 people being a gamer. Blockchain technology has also developed a lot on its own, with many use cases, and non-replaceable tokens (NFTs) are currently the most demanded use case. Although NFT was first released in 2018, it became all the rage in 2021 and various things were used by many well-known celebrities at auctions. Multiplays is a blockchain gaming platform powered by creativity and technology to unlock the potential of online players through advances in technology. The practice of the games has only increased and with more visual stimulation, creativity and satisfaction. The way people play games, from board games to visual games, has changed with technology. The idea of playing a traditional game is undeniably attractive, but people who spend all their time playing the traditional game are sacrificing quality time with their families and getting nothing in return. Multiplays combines the best blockchain games with the NFT Marketplace to provide a platform that allows players to earn money whenever they decide to play the game on this platform. The project founder said, “There were many activities during last year's epidemic, most countries in the world closed everyone in their homes, which increased hunger and famine. Boredom was at its peak, the sports industry hit at one point. My team came together and decided to establish a system that offers an alternative to the sports industry and prevents this boredom if we live in the future. The Multiplays platform stands out from its rivals on the playground with multiplayer functionality that enables peer-to-peer gaming challenges without physical players. Read more

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