Multi-function platform CoinZoom Drijft crypto Adoptie door Middle Van Haar

To further the mission of implementing global cryptocurrency, the strictly regulated Coinzoom Exchange has released coinzoom cards, which allow users to spend fiat and crypto balances on more than 53 million participating trading stores

Regulatory compliance promises greater security and transparency

CoinZoom, a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, is designed to bridge the gap between decadent banking services and stocks to bring digital assets to wider populations. With years of experience in the field led by a team of founding legislation, regulation and finance technologies, American institutional trading platform for digital currencies to make many unique features and quality service, digital money, suitable for use in real-life scenarios.

With the growing demand for better regulation of crypto assets, CoinZoom decouples itself among a limited number of customer-focused platforms that follow recommendations for specific countries. The Platform manages compliance checks of thousands of customers from 140 countries in cooperation with the AML, KYC, Finnish and OFAC regulations of individual countries. 

The Platform is already registered under the U.S. money services operating license, which allows it to operate in all 50 states and territories. Internationally, CoinZoom is licensed to record Australian Digital Currency Exchange. The company currently uses the e-money license in the European Union and the bitlicense license in the US. 

October Sunday, the platform includes a growing set of analytics and trading tools that allow users to buy and sell more than 30 cryptocurrencies in more than 120 markets. With regulatory compliance, international licenses and a host of features, CoinZoom brings cryptographic expertise to the masses.

WellBeyond, a Utah-based brand that offers a wide range of products and services, uses Coinzoom as a cryptocurrency-based payment system and wallet. In partnership with Coinzoom, the platform has developed a unique ecosystem that allows its users to easily access their commissions in multiple currencies

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