More than Two Dozen Crypto ATMs to Install in Texas HEB Supermarkets

HEB customers will soon be able to acquire digital assets in more than two dozen locations across Texas. Crypto vending machines (ATM) provider Coin Cloud says it will have kiosks in 29 HEB stores offering access to more than 30 crypto assets, including defi tokens and stablecoins. Texas HEB Stores Principal Cloud Digital Currency ATMs Cryptocurrency ATMs will soon be available at 29 HEB locations. The machines are provided by Coin Cloud, a provider of digital currency ATMs based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Coin Cloud calls its devices "digital currency machines" or "DCMs". The company is expected to reach 2,000 DCM installations once the HEB facilities are complete. In addition to HEB supermarkets, Coin Cloud's National Alliance of Trade Associations, United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) and CAL's Convenience Store. DCMs have also spread to countries in the United States and South America. In the US, Coin Cloud has crypto machines in Delaware, Texas, Oregon, New Jersey, California, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee and many more. According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, the manager of a HEB supermarket chain confirmed that 29 stores will launch the pilot program. Most Coin Cloud HEB-based DCM kiosks are located in the Houston area. Coin Cloud crypto machines accept both debit and credit cards in addition to cash. The announcement on Friday revealed that Coin Cloud has installed 750 DCMs in the past six months. Chris McAlary, founder and CEO of Coincloud, noted: “As we continue to expand, retailers will become increasingly aware of the important future role digital currencies will play.” According to statistician

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