Thursday, May 27, 2021 Moore Intelligence report suggests practical steps that should be taken now to significantly reduce emissions and move towards net zero. A new report released today by Moore Global, one of the world's leading accounting and consulting networks, warns that despite the focus on the desired net zero goal, many world leaders ignore the embarrassing reality that there are no investments, technological upgrades, and required infrastructure. but to reach them Moore Intelligence report points out that if the world moves towards replacing carbon fuels with climate-friendly alternatives, some of the world's major industries will struggle to meet their 2050 emission targets. The biggest problem, according to experts at Moore Global, is that the new technological solutions that policymakers rely on to provide alternatives to fossil fuels are still in the early stages of development or have not yet been invented. David Tomasi, global leader of Moore Global's Energy, Mining and Renewable Energy group, said: “If we want to achieve net zero emissions targets by 2050 and delay it every day, the world must move away from traditional energy sources and mining techniques. task. a little more difficult. We need to stop talking about goals and green dividends and start thinking about the practical steps we need to take to get to the point where we have a truly sustainable global economy. As part of the report, experts at Moore Global Energy, Mining and Renewables offer short- and medium-term solutions to some of the most pressing problems that can be applied right now: Electrification of vital parts of the mining process: highly valuable vital minerals Production of carbon neutral products comes from massive surface mines however, the extraction process is not "clean" in nature. In Australia, large iron ore companies have launched a global competition to develop new concepts for the electrification of a fleet of diesel-hungry transport trucks. mining industry.

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