Mongolia becomes the first Chinese province to fight Bitcoin mining

China's Inner Mongolia Province became the first country in the region to implement coercive measures against heavy Bitcoin mining after the central government called for pressure on Bitcoin mining in the country last week. While the pressure from the Chinese government on crypto trading and mining is not new, industry experts said the measures could go beyond verbal warning this time around Beijing's commitment to support carbon neutrality. Downtime: After Beijing called for pressure on Bitcoin mining on May 21, the first sanctions measures were officially in place and came from Inner Mongolia. – Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) May 25, 2021 Inner Mongolia is one of China's most popular regions for Bitcoin mining, pushing the state to reach CO2 emissions targets. The state's local government has previously announced that it will introduce regulations banning Bitcoin mining or any type of industrial mining in the region, including the operation of metal mills. Mongolia Post Becomes the First China Province to Implement Mining Control.

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