MoneyGram offers Bitcoin at 17,000 points in the United States via Coinme Tie-Up

Are you a crypto enthusiast who likes to buy Bitcoin with a handful of cash? You are in luck. MoneyGram announced on Wednesday a partnership with ATM provider Coinme that will nearly double the number of physical locations in the United States where people can buy Bitcoins. 5,000 locations in the United States. June. The partnership is intriguing because it involves a link between MoneyGram, a company specializing in bank transfers, one of the oldest financial technologies, and a company specializing in one of the latest currency formats. This mix of old and new funds has been developed with how Bitcoin purchases will work in practice. Specifically, they will ask consumers to download the Coinme app, which will allow them to get a quote to buy or sell a certain amount of Bitcoin. If they accept the price offer, the consumer will receive a code to save the price. They can then present the code valid for five minutes to a MoneyGram cashier, who will complete the transaction. For many crypto users, the idea of buying or selling Bitcoin designed to be money for the internet from a cashier may seem odd. However, according to Coinme CEO Neil Bergquist, such a service is in high demand. In an interview with Decrypt, Bergquist stated that millions of Americans prefer to pay only in cash or be "unbanked", meaning they cannot access traditional financial institutions for various reasons. . For many, Coinme's roughly 20,000 Bitcoin ATMs are a natural match. Now, the addition of MoneyGram kiosks, which can be found in most WalMart stores, will not only provide easier access to crypto for these populations, but will also allow those without technological knowledge to buy Bitcoins. . Bergquist also predicted that Bitcoin would gain popularity as a way for diaspora immigrants to send money to their relatives in their home country.

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