Moneta Markets Making It Easy For Traders to Benefit from Surge of Stocks/Cryptos In 2020

Out of all the things that we weren’t expecting in 2020, the sudden surge in the stock and crypto markets takes the front seat. It is surprising to see these markets booming like never before, especially when thousands of businesses started to struggle with tens of millions of people left unemployed because of the pandemic. In this article, let’s understand the reasons that contributed to this growth in both Stock and Crypto markets and also see the contribution of new brokers and exchanges such as Moneta Markets in handling this demand. 

Analyzing The Growth of Stock Market     
Completely adverse to the current scenario, the stock market has seen a devastating bear run in the first quarter of 2020. Trillions got wiped out from the stock market in less than a month, and it was due to the onset of Covid-19 pandemic. However, the market has recovered swiftly and gradually started its bull run up till the year-end. 

Market experts anticipate that the stock market’s unexpected growth is because of the expectations people have over the post-pandemic scenario. That is when the vaccines are out, and the economy reopens to its fullest. These expectation has also resulted in spurring the interest among new investors over the stock market. According to JMP Investment Bank, in 2020, more than 10 million new accounts have been registered in all the brokerage firms combined.  

Talking about the same topic Michael Arone (chief investment strategist, State Street Global Advisors) said ‘One of the things that the pandemic has underscored more than anything else is that the stock market is a forward-looking mechanism. That’s been the tagline all year long as investors continue to scratch their heads wondering why the stock market could perform so strongly while the economy, labour market and earnings face such challenges. It’s more about future expectations than current conditions.’  

The below chart explains the brief bearish run and the current bull run of the stock market where we can see three of the many stocks that have grown tremendously in 2020.  

 The Performance of Crypto Market In 2020 
The entire crypto market’s capitalization at the end of 2020 is over one trillion US dollars. In retrospect, it was a mere 190 billion at the beginning of the year. That is a growth of more than 400% within a year. Crypto experts suggested that 2020 offered a perfect environment for the cryptos to thrive. 

As traditional assets took major blows due to the pandemic, there has either ways been a growing acceptance for cryptos in 2020. The valuation of Bitcoin has also surged from around $4k in March to ~$28k in December as institutional investors and global companies continued to buy and store this crypto. 

We can see the tremendous growth of some of the top cryptos in the below price chart.  

What Should You Know About Moneta Markets?
Moneta Markets was founded in 2019 with its headquarters in George Town, Cayman Islands. With Vantage International Group Ltd as its parent company, this broker inherited its credibility and reliability. Moneta Markets is currently holding its licences under CIMA (Cayman Islands Monetary Authority) a tier-3 regulator. However, this broker’s parent company has a decade of market presence in this space and holds licences with top tier regulators across the globe.

Moneta Markets users get to speculate and trade various financial markets such as Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares and even Cryptos. In total, more than 300 asset classes can be accessed with this broker in the form of CFDs. This broker offers its web trading platform using which orders can be placed without the support of any third-party solution. Smartphone traders also get to download Moneta Markets app from Play Store and App Store.   

Reasons To Consider Moneta Markets 
Credibility – As mentioned, Moneta Markets is a trademark of Vantage group of companies which own the most credible broker VantageFX. This broker has its licenses under top regulators in UK & Australia – FCA & ASIC, respectively. Overall, this group has 70k+ active client accounts around the world with an average monthly trading volume of ~$100 billion. This explains the reliability of Moneta Markets broker. 

Proprietary Web Trading Platform – With this platform, Moneta Market users get to trade various markets online without downloading any hefty software. The USP of this platform lies in its functionality. Traders get to manage their accounts, enter/exit trades, make deposit/withdrawal requests with few simple clicks, right from the dashboard. Technical traders can take advantage of the different chart types, built-in indicators, various charting tools, etc. 

Security – All the client deposits of this broker are stored securely at National Australia Bank (NAB), one of the top tier banks. These deposits are segregated from the company’s funds to avoid misuse. Also, all the industry-grade security practices such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication are in place.   

Margin Trading – Users get to leverage trade all the available asset classes but with different leverage multiples. Check the below infographic for more information. 

Ease of Usage – Moneta Markets is relatively easy to navigate in almost all of the aspects. Opening an account with this broker doesn’t take more than a few minutes. There are many ways to fund your account with easy deposit options like Fasapay, Sticpay, and JCB along with the traditional funding options like bank wire transfer, credit & debit card, etc. Users can also make their deposits using Bitcoin. The UI & UX of the web trading platform is pretty straightforward and simple enough for novice traders to learn and master trading.      

Deposit Bonus – All the Moneta Market users with deposits of $500 and above are eligible for a 50% deposit bonus. There are hardly any brokers/exchanges out there who offer deposit bonuses of this kind while being regulated by top tier brokers. 

Educational Resources –  We found the educational and research resources offered by this broker to be very interesting. Features like Moneta TV and Market Masters help the traders equip themselves with the latest market news and different trading techniques. With the help of Duplitrade, users get to copy trade from the top traders in the industry. There are also a plethora of deep-dive trading educational videos which users can make use of.

That ends our discussion on how the cryptos and stocks grew in 2020 and what to expect from the new, yet fast-growing market entrant, Moneta Markets. 


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