Minto shares primary statistics after the start of the strike

Minto’s skeptics were crushed by astronomical profitability after the first publication of statistics

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, October 25, 2021. Minto’s team is reporting. As you know, the BTCMT strike was launched on October 21, and we are pleased to announce the first results. On the first day, 4.4% of tokens were sent to strike. This allowed the first investors to get an incredible annual return of 1783.77%. The prize multiplier was 18.84, which we could not even imagine!

From the second day, 8,12% of BTCMT tokens were deployed, which gave the first users an incredible annual return of 922,89%. As the number of BTCMT holders increases, there will be a slow natural decrease in APP. For example, on the third day 9,82% of the tokens have already been repaid, and the annual rate has dropped to 761,70%. This is still an impressive result, and this opportunity is still available!

Hurry up and join Minto in time to get the highest possible rewards!

As a reminder: The pre-sale sale is still underway and you still have the option to purchase BTCMT tokens at a special price. Become a Minto investor early and get maximum returns for as long as possible!

The initial price of the btcmt token is $ 1.72, but the pre-sale price is $ 1.5.                

Only 1,000,000 coins are available for this award.

Regular cloud mining with contracts, complex arrangements and cheats for your losses is a thing of the past. Our new decentralized solution allows you to earn several times more profit by selling your mining stream at the fair, with the opportunity to escape at any time.

By owning Minto tokens, you will almost completely eliminate your dependence on market sentiment, because with Minto you will increase your earnings both as the market grows and as it goes head-to-head, even while taking a deep dive

The BTCMT hedge token is a great opportunity to limit risks and earn them even at the worst times for the crypto industry. Your passive income will allow you to compensate for the market decline, and as it grows, your capital will increase.

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