MicroStrategy ‘ s Michael Saylor verdedigt de enorme $ 2.2 miljard Bitcoin (BTC) schuld

Thursday July 29, business intelligence company MicroStrategy announced its results for the second quarter of 2021, claiming a loss of more than $ 600 million from depreciation of its bitcoin assets. But Michael Sailor, the company’s chief executive and bitcoin evangelist, remains extremely optimistic about bitcoin’s future.

Saylor stated that buying bitcoin was like buying bitcoin in the early days of its existence, during an interview with CNBC TV channel Squawk Box. Big debt in bitcoins significantly protected by more than $ 2 billion, CEO says:

“We have $ 2.2 billion in debt and are paying about 1.5% interest and we have a very long time horizon. Our position is that a leveraged business calculated by bitcoin is a good thing for our shareholders.”

The company has been aggressively raising debt to buy bitcoin by converting securities. However, he has received a lot of criticism from industry players for putting such large amounts of money into a very volatile asset class. Responding to all criticism and current interest, Saylor,:

“If you’re dropping billions of dollars below 1% of the interest rate and investing in the next big tech digital network, you thought that would be the dominant money network of Amazon or [Alphabet], Google or Facebook, why not do that?. I mean, if I could borrow $ 1 billion and buy Facebook under 1% Apr a decade ago, I would have done it pretty well.”

Bitcoins Profit On Paper $ 1.4 Billion
MicroStrategy actively buys bitcoins last year and keeps more than 100 thousand BTC in balance. The company has more than $ 1.4 billion in bitcoins, with a profit of $ 4 billion on paper.

Speaking on Bloomberg TV, Saylor said they hold their bitcoins for the long term and will not sell them in the near future. They also have a 10-year perspective on bitcoin investments, he added. Sailor said:

“Our strategy is long-term # bitcoin, with reasonable use of long-term, leveraged funds. It’s only a matter of time before billions of people connect their mobile phones to bitcoin.

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